Sorry speaker submissions is now closed!


If you have an idea for a presentation, we’d like to invite you to submit your proposal by following the guidelines and completing the submission form no later than 12 October 2012.

Please keep the following in mind when you submit your proposal:

Presentation Formats

Please see below a description of the different formats your presentation could take – select the one you feel is most appropriate for the content of your talk. These formats can be applied to any Track.


Duration: 45 mins

Lecture sessions should be issue-based, provide concrete examples or case studies and may contain both practical and theoretical information. There is normally only one speaker, however if you can demonstrate that another speaker is necessary or of value then we will accept more than one. Please include time for for Q & A within your time slot.


Duration: 45 mins

Panel sessions are a forum for debate, where many different viewpoints are aired on a single topic or issue. If you choose this format you would be responsible for selecting and recruiting appropriate panellists. Audience participation should be encouraged in panel sessions. We recommend up to 5 panellists max plus a chairperson.

Ideas for Talks

These are the kinds of topics and case studies we know our delegates will be interested in:

• What’s next in gaming?
• HTML vs. Apps
• Windows 8.0
• Crowd-sourced funding
• Going multi-platform
• Kickstarter funded projects
• Interactive TV
• iOS and Android best practice
• Developing for tablets

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